School of Prophets


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Bill Johnson – Bethel Church in Redding, California

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Shawn Bolz – Bolz Ministries in Los Angeles, California

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Che Ahn – Harvest International Ministries in Los Angeles, California

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Pete McHugh – Stairway Church in Melbourne, Victoria

It is my great honour to endorse and highly recommend the ministry of Gary and Sarah Morgan and the School of Prophets that they lead with excellence.

I have known Gary and Sarah for almost seven years and consider them covenant friends. We have ministered together in America and Australia and I'm always amazed by the way The Lord uses this amazing man and woman of God.

Not only do they flow and minister with great accuracy in the prophetic but they manifest the Heart of Jesus through Prophecy as well. Honestly, what impresses me the most about Gary and Sarah is that they walk and minister from a deep place of love that points people to the heart of God.

Whether you feel called to prophetic ministry, want to hear The Fathers Voice in your life on a daily basis, or you desire to be used by God in the church and in the earth I highly recommend School of Prophets. I believe that as you sit under the teaching of Gary and Sarah , that you will be equipped, empowered, and encouraged as the prophetic gifts are activated in your lives.

David Wagner

Founder of Father's Heart Ministries

Gary and Sarah have ministered to our church for several years and we have become good friends over these years. What our church appreciates about Gary and Sarah is not only the accuracy of the prophecies when they minister but also the humility in which they minister. What we’ve have found is that unfortunately gifting and character sometimes don’t go together. In other words, a person’s gift may be really strong but their character is weak.

I think what we love about Gary and Sarah is their character. We’ve found them to be humble, gentle, and approachable when they minister and that is probably the thing that is most refreshing for us.

We would highly recommend anyone wanting to be equipped in the prophetic to consider going through School of Prophets. You will not only receive insight into how to minister in the prophetic but also understand God’s heart behind the ministry.

Jeff Dollar

Senior Pastor at Grace Centre in Nashville, TN

It is such a great honour to know Gary and Sarah Morgan. Gary is a powerful voice in the prophetic in this nation, as well as internationally. His words of knowledge and the prophetic are amazingly strengthened by a great knowledge of the Word of God, and his ability to empower and release people. His authentic, humble approach enhances confidence in the prophetic. In regards to "School of Prophets", to have this calibre of training available in Australia, is a God send. I highly recommend this school and Gary and Sarah Morgan to you

Dr Royree Jensen

Harvest International Ministries

It gives me great pleasure to commend highly pastors Gary & Sarah's School of the Prophets. I first saw Gary moving in the amazing prophetic gift God has given him in the church I pastored. He called people by name that he did not know, revealed their personality & details about them that would be totally impossible for him to have any knowledge about.

The gift God has given Gary is extraordinary in my opinion. Gary is ably supported by his wife Sarah.

I believe that you will be hugely impacted by spending time as a student of the School of the prophets. 

There is no question that the things of the Spirit are caught more than they are taught. This being so there is nothing as profitable as sitting under a highly gifted Prophet for the gift is transferred to the listener in the words spoken when the words come from his spirit. You will find yourself grasping the gift & functioning in it.

I highly commend the School of The Prophets led by Gary & Sarah Morgan.

Clark Taylor

Clark Taylor Ministries