School of Prophets

SOP Leaders

Melbourne Hub

Gary Morgan | Founder + Director

Gary along with his wife Sarah, are the founders/directors of School of Prophets in Melbourne, Australia. His revelatory speaking & accurate prophetic ministry communicates straight to the heart with kindness, the intent and plans of Heaven for those receiving. Gary speaks strategically and directly into diverse areas of culture, bringing wisdom & confirmation to those who seek God’s counsel.


Sarah Morgan | Founder + Director​

Sarah has a unique ability to communicate straight to the heart what God is wanting to say. Her love for His Presence and a heart for His people gives those who listen keys to transformation in every part of their life. Sarah draws from a deep well of experience and encounters to bring a fresh revelation to all who hear her.


Corinna Teh | School Pastor + Adminstrator

Corinna, having been a student from our first ever School of Prophets has journeyed with us ever since and become a key part of the team. Her passion for excellence and the presence of God forges a unique skill set that stewards the often unseen parts of the school, while maintaining her finger on the pulse to ensure School of Prophets is the best experience for students and a place for them to encounter God. Corinna is married to Justin and they have 3 amazing children.

Luke Girardi | Media Producer + Editor

Luke is a twenty-year-old Australian who attended School of Prophets back in 2016. He’s passionate about the prophetic, making videos, and writing books. He attended a ministry school in America in 2018/2019, and since coming back has been involved with School of Prophet’s media department. He enjoys long walks on the beach, the setting sun over a calm landscape, and superheroes of both the biblical and science fiction sense.

Hub Pastors


Les and Liz Hannaway | Brisbane Hub

David and Nat Oddy | Perth Hub

Kellie & James Tankard | Melbourne Hub

Andrew & Christine Ford | Canberra Hub

Hub Small Group Leaders

The School values relationship over revival. In order to provide a place of safety and community, we designate small groups for each student to be able to connect and relate in. These small groups are led by a small group leader that pastors the students within their group. All of the small group leaders that we staff have graduated from School of Prophets and are well equipped to love and encourage all of the current in house students.

Online Small Group Leaders

As the school has developed into an online school as well, we wanted all of our online students to feel a part of the community just as much as the in house students. We have a dedicated team that lead online small groups via Zoom, as well build relationship and encourage the students as much as possible.


Our mission is to raise & release a people who have encountered God, with hearts transformed, to represent His Love, Justice & Kingdom in and to the world around them.

At School of Prophets, we unreservedly pursue a personal encounter with the Heart of our Father, so in turn we become an encounter of His Love to the world around us. Across all aspects of society and culture, it is our pursuit to see every person encounter and be encountered by the transformative, undeniable and tangible presence of God. We get to journey with others, intentionally pursuing His heart, His mind & His thoughts.

What does it look like to raise a family, army, company, of people who will contradict the stigma of the prophetic?

This school is a 7-month course for all who want to learn how to encounter God’s voice and know His heart. If you desire to encourage & restore people, share the Father’s heart, and transform lives – then this is the school for you!

The purpose of this school is to train and equip people how to encounter God’s voice first and foremost for themselves and then for others.

We believe that true prophetic ministry lies within the Heart of the Father. It is through sonship that we can discover who we are and whose we are.

Our heart is to equip & empower those to minister from the Father’s heart and to bless the world around them. To journey in this purpose and to develop disciples who are full of the Father’s love, integrity, honour, and can walk in the power of the Holy Spirit within their prophetic lifestyle. This school was birthed out of several prophetic words given to fulfil this greater purpose: to see the world transformed by the Father’s heart and His personal affection for His people.